I have been dailying Pop!_os for over a year now and its honestly been a great time. It only broke twice and both times were my fault -can’t really blame me :). Nothing bad to say about except that the pop store lags really really badly, but I rarely use it anywway.


This is a must have for me, I never thought I could like a piece of software as much as a I like tmux Not I’m not saying that I’m a guru at using tmux, but the ability to create sessions and detach from sessions was a game changer for me.

I took this to the next level when I ‘reverse engineered’ thePrimeagen’s tmux sessionizer and I started flying in my projects.


I’ve been using neovim for more than a year and I don’t have that many a complaints, it kind of forced me to learn how neovim works to debug some of the errors I found and its been great so far.

The main selling point for me was the personalised development experience(PDE) where you customize it to your liking, which I absolutely abused utilized.


I’ve been using alacritty for a while now and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon. I’ll rethink my stance after the Cosmic DE gets released and I get to try out their new cosmic terminal that is based on alacritty -I think.

The main reason I chose alacritty was -spoiler! its pretty dumb reason- that the content I could fit on my laptop screen was not that much considering the gtk title bar thingy.

I know I know, just use the default terminal in fullscreen -tried it didn’t really like it in fullscreen. Hide the top bar -no, I kinda like it, so it stays. Use a tiling window manager -tried it wasn’t really convinced, plus I like how pop os does the auto tiling.

Also I liked the dracula theme

For the shell I use ZSH with the a configured starship prompt and oh-my-zsh for the zsh-autosuggestions plugin

For the rest of the things I use, they are mostly tools/scripts I built for me, but I feel that they deserve a mention.

  • Rgn -> a very lightweight ripoff of the github cli because I didn’t need that many features
  • notes -> tmux sessionizer but for my notes, I just wanted to open them up and start typing or be in the right place
  • We can’t forget the amazing fzf, its what allowed me to create my sessionizer
  • I’d just be mean to not mention ripgrep as its used by one of my favourite neovim plugins, telescope.
  • Iosevka font - I found it to be a bit pleasing to the eye. I don’t really think it matters that much, but some people do

I also sneak in a little bit of vscode and jetbrains IDEs from time to time, its no biggie

And there we have it, the tools I use on a daily basis.